Healthy Reasons Why Hot Sauce Slays

When you want to spice up your food, hot sauce is usually a great option. It also turns out there are health benefits to this popular condiment. Here are some reasons to add more of the spicy stuff to your diet!

1. Indulge without guilt. Most hot sauces are very low in calories, low in carbohydrates and have no added sugars.

2. Burn more fat! The capsaicin and capsinoids in red chili pepper, a staple ingredient of hot sauce, are associated with fat loss and increased metabolism in many studies.

3. Feel full fast! Speaking of Capsaicin, it’s also been shown to increase satiety, and help you feel full faster.

4. Improve digestion! Hot sauce helps digestion in two ways: the capsaicin facilitates stomach emptying and the vinegar, another common ingredient, may help reduce inflammation of the colon.

5. Heart Healthy Nutrients. Chilies are a rich source of antioxidants, including vitamin C, and carotenoids, both of which help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. Capsaicin may also be useful in keeping “bad” cholesterol levels at bay.

6. Age better! Inflammation caused by the aging process makes us appear and feel older faster. Capsaicin fights inflammation. Antioxidants in chili peppers also help protect against age-related diseases.

7. Be happier! The spiciness of capsaicin triggers pain receptors in the mouth that tell your brain to release endorphins, and endorphins improve your mood.

8. Lower risk of death, overall! A large recent study showed that diets rich in spicy food were linked to longevity for a variety of reasons, including lower risk of death associated with respiratory diseases as well as diabetes.

Hot sauce’s numerous health benefits and relative availability in many countries make it a great addition to most diets! Or just keep a bottle in your purse like Beyonce!