Decoding The Link Between Diet And Acne

Certain foods too often may put you at increased risk for breakouts.

You may want to cut some of these foods from your regime:

1. Deciphering dairy

Consuming more milk and ice cream has been associated with increased acne. But cheese has caused mixed results and yogurt has not been linked to breakouts. So severely restricting all dairy sources may not be necessary or beneficial.

2. Sugar overload

High carbohydrate foods that rapidly spike blood sugar may worsen acne. Try reducing added sugar in the diet to help keep skin clearer.

3. Selecting healthier carbs

Eating whole grains and fruit instead of simple carbs may decrease the severity of acne. These foods have a lower glycemic load. They also have more fiber, protein, zinc, and vitamin A… Nutrients that may also play a role in fighting acne, but more research is needed.

4. Type of fat matters

Eating more saturated and trans fat is associated with moderate to severe acne. Selecting fat from plant-based sources and fish instead of processed foods and red meat may help.

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