The Newest Weapon Against Depression

 The newest weapon against depression may be your diet.

People who followed a Mediterranean diet saw a major improvement in their overall mood after just a few weeks. The diet is filled with veggies, whole grains, fish, a limited amount of lean meat, olive oil, herbs, nuts and moderate consumption of red wine.

It’s traditional to countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal. Mediterranean-eating is loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients, plus this diet lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes and inflammation. Doctors stress, this diet is not a replacement for traditional therapies and medication.

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About the author

Valentina Blanco Ruser

Valentina Blanco Ruser is a multi-Emmy Award winning producer/writer/director with over 17 years of experience in television, radio and digital platforms.

Passionate about Holistic Medicine (UNLESS YOU RATHER SAY "WELLBEING"), throughout her career, Valentina has produced hundreds of Health & Wellness driven specials for daily shows and series for networks like ABC, Lifetime and NBC. She was recently part of the Executive Production team for "Breakthrough Medicine”; a weekly syndicated health & wellness docu-series highlighting cutting edge medical practices at the University of Miami Health System.

She is a graduate from Emerson College, an active Creative Strategist for multinational brands and networks and an advocate for nutrition.
She currently works with world renowned chefs, doctors, authors and specialists that help shed light on these matters. She is also the Creator and Chief Creative Strategist of "Write on Movement", an international positivity movement that helps raise awareness and support to a wide range of causes involving (but not limited to) autism, Alzheimer's, nutrition and education for underprivileged children through the arts and music.