5 Reasons to Love Mushrooms

Start adding mushrooms to  your diet,  their health benefits are immense!

Here are 5 of their nutritional powers:

1. Vitamin D

Maitake, Morel, and Chanterelle mushrooms can contain significant levels of vitamin D. Necessary for bone health.

2. Calorie-reducer

Swapping mushrooms for meat may help you stay satisfied longer, while keeping your calorie intake lower throughout the day.

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3. Niacin

½ cup of cooked mushrooms contains about 25% of the daily requirement for niacin, a vitamin needed to generate energy.

4. Cancer-fighters

Certain mushrooms contain compounds that show promise in helping to treat cancer.

5. Potassium

For fewer than 50 calories a cup, mushrooms are a good source of potassium. A nutrient that may help lower risk of death from heart disease.

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