7 Secret Sodium Shockers

Even if you take it easy with the saltshaker, here are 7 secret sodium shockers!

1. Pass the bread … to the other side of the table!
36% of daily salt intake has been found to come from breads and cereals.

2. Don’t be fooled by the veggies
Vegetable Juice is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, but one serving can also contain as much as 20% of your total daily intake in sodium.

3. Watch out for the protein!
Raw chicken breasts are often injected with high sodium flavoring solutions. Look for varieties labeled ‘non-enhanced’.

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4. Listen up Veggie Burger Lovers!
Some highly processed veggie burgers are packed full of sodium to enhance flavor. Read the labels carefully!

5. Don’t get nutty!
Dry roasted and salted nuts can contain up to 10% of the daily sodium recommendations per serving. Opt for raw or unsalted options instead.

6. Read your labels
‘Reduced’ just means 25% less sodium than the original version. Look for ‘low sodium’ and ‘very low sodium’ options instead.

7. Forget the “cool” diets
Frozen diet Meals are often just as high in sodium as standard frozen meals. Low calorie doesn’t always equal healthy.

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