Souping Is The New Juicing

“Souping”– some call it the new juicing!

Fans are sipping soups sometimes all day, every day, even on-the-go. Usually as a cleanse or a detox.

You’ll find recipes online. There are books. And companies are offering pre-made soup concoctions you can take with you.

Think exotic flavors like:

  • Beans and greens
  • Parsnip apple
  • Organic carrot coconut lime

Registered dietitian Alissa Rumsey says, while our bodies typically can detox on their own, the soups can offer important vitamins and proteins to your diet. “The companies that are putting out these soup based products, they’re using mostly plant-based foods, so a lot of vegetables, legumes, nuts… they’re also using a lot of spices, instead of sodium.”

And they typically offer more fiber than the previously popular juicing trend. Ramsey says the main issue is that too much soup may leave you with too little daily calories. And that a soup-only diet is not sustainable.

Her suggestion: everything in moderation!

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