Foods To Calm Super Bowl Anxiety

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, we have listed 5 healthy foods that will calm your nerves!

1. Guac down!

Avocados beat stress! They help stabilize blood sugar spikes that can lead to anxiety. The nutrients in a scoop of guac also work to relieve tension.

2. Pumpkin seeds

Chew on these, since they’re a rich source of magnesium, which helps balance a healthy nervous system and relax muscles.

3. Turkey burgers

Fire up the grill for some l tryptophan; αn amino acid found in turkey. Pair it with a healthy carb to boost serotonin and melatonin, which help calm the nerves.

4. Spinach dip

Leafy greens are natural stress relievers. Folate found in spinach helps produce dopamine, a pleasure-inducing brain chemical that helps you keep your cool.

5. Turmeric

Spice up your dip and get your game on! The antioxidants found in this super plant help enhance your mood.

Go team!

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