5 New Superfoods that Reduce Stress

Felling stressed? These 5 superfoods will help you chill out.

1.  Wild Blueberries

Loaded with vitamin C & powerful cancer-fighting compounds, blueberries can shake off your blues by helping reduce blood pressure during high periods of anxiety.

2. Passion Fruit

Tart, exotic and juicy, this tropical treat packs high levels of potassium, antioxidants and beta-carotene serving as a natural stress reliever & immune system booster.

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3. Garlic

In ancient Greece & Egypt, the wonder bulb was used to ward off illness and stress. Today, research shows garlic helps reduce heart disease, high blood pressure & other symptoms of stress.

4. Moringa

Loaded with protein, vitamins & amino acids, this plant is a circulatory stimulant, revitalizing you for what the day may bring.

5. Kimchi

Stress can be a killer on your digestive system, making you feel irritable & fatigued. This Korean dish is rich in probiotics, which help replenish your gut with good bacteria to help you be your Super Self!

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