Sustainability:The New Buzz in Grocery Shopping

What exactly is this new buzzword all about?


What does it mean?

The USDA tells us there’s no official marketing definition, but grocery guru Phil Lempert says: “It’s a product or company from farm to table is doing everything they can to protect the assets of our planet.”

The main concepts:

1.  People – Do we have enough healthy, locally-grown food?

2. Planet – Is the soil/environment being protected?

3. Prosperity – Are farmers making enough money to support families/workers?

“What we’re doing is exciting, and people love it, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.” Says Josh, store manager/ sells sustainable products.


1. Locally-grown means items are seasonal.

2. Environmentally-friendly products can be more expensive.

To know if a product is sustainable there are ratings systems, but do your research!

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