5 Tips To Stick To Your Diet On Thanksgiving

Doing Thanksgiving on a diet? Here are 5 tips so you don’t break it!

1. Don’t skip meals leading up to the big dinner

Skipping meals early in the day to ‘save calories’ results in excessive hunger and overeating.

2. Use a rating system

Before filling your plate, survey all meal options available & only place a small serving of your favorites on your dish.

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3. Save the alcohol for the end of the meal

Alcohol can stimulate appetite & lower inhibitions, causing you to eat more.

4. Watch where you sit

Avoid sitting directly next to your favorite dish where it may be too easy to grab additional servings.

5. Fill the majority of your plate with nutritious options

Try filling half of your plate with vegetables & white meat turkey, leaving less room for high calorie sides.

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