Thanksgiving Myths Busted!

Popular Thanksgiving myths busted!

1. Turkey makes you sleepy

Tryptophan in turkey does have a documented calming effect, but it will relax you, not cause you to fall asleep.

2. Cooking stuffing inside the turkey is safe

Placing stuffing in raw turkey can expose it to salmonella. The stuffing may not reach 160° F like the turkey itself, making it a risky move to eat.

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3. Skipping meals to save calories before the ‘big feast’ can prevent weight gain

Skipping meals leads to excessive hunger, eating too fast and often consuming more calories by day’s end.

4. Drinking the “hair of the dog” will cure post-Thanksgiving hangover

You may feel better for the short term, but added alcohol can increase dehydration causing a worse hangover later on.

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