Eat It All Without The Guilt

Eat healthy on the holidays.

Here are 5 recommended serving sizes for your favorite Thanksgiving dishes:

1. Turkey

Lean white breast meat contains only 30 calories per ounce, so fill up with 6 ounces.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Typically packed with added fats, limit this to 1 cup or about the size of two scoops of ice cream.

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3. Sweet Potato Pie

With 310 calories and 14 grams of fat per slice (1/6 of the pie), limit yourself to just ½ a slice.

4. Gravy

With 192 calories per cup, drizzle the gravy lightly to prevent having more than ¼ cup.

5. Cranberry Sauce

Full of added sugars, try limiting your serving to ½ cup, which still has 11 teaspoons of sugar.

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