The War Against Sugar

Sugar, some experts are calling it public enemy #1.

And, war is being waged to knock it out of your family’s diet. A leading soldier in the war: Gary Taubes, author of “The Case Against Sugar”.

“What crime am I prosecuting sugar for? And the answer is we have epidemics of obesity and diabetes worldwide, tragic epidemics,” he said.

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Research has linked sugar sweetened beverages to everything from obesity to diabetes. The American Beverage Association disagrees. At the recent Better Food Movement conference in Miami, the sugar wars and the taxes on sugar sweetened beverages, were a main topic of conversation. A couple of months after the so-called soda tax went into effect in Berkeley, California. A survey showed people were drinking 21% less sugar sweetened beverages, and 63% more water.Food politics expert Marion Nestle is in favor of grassroots activism, but says legislation isn’t the only way to enact change.

“Every time somebody buys a food, they vote with their fork for the kind of food system that they want. Obviously brand managers hear that. If people stop buying their products, they have to change their products,” she  said.

Social responsibility and food is something that’s important to Dr. Eduardo Padron president of Miami Dade College. He says students are hungry for change.

“They are very, very much aware of the trends that are taking place today. They care, and they are willing to be advocates and that is the most important thing in society”

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