4 Nutrients In Your Turkey To Be Thankful For

This Thanksgiving enjoy your turkey knowing you are going to get all these nutrients:

1. Niacin

Helps convert food into energy. It also helps regulate cholesterol.

8 oz. of turkey = 14.4 mg Niacin

2. Phosphorus

Its prime purpose is to build strong bones and teeth with the help of B vitamins. It also aids in kidney and heart functions.

8 oz. of turkey = 465.6 mg Phosphorus

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3. Selenium

It helps stabilize thyroid hormones and may help prevent thyroid disease. Studies show it may also help prevent certain cancers.

8 oz. of turkey = 64.8 mg Selenium

4. Protein

An essential element for your cells. Your body needs it to build and sustain muscle, bones and skin.

8 oz. of turkey = 64 g Protein

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