The World Is Going Collagen Crazy!

Seems like the world is going collagen crazy!

An entire industry is popping up… Products to help boost the building-block protein we lose as we age. Collagen supplements come in pills, powders, even grab-and-go drinks. They join a slew of already popular collagen beauty products, along with the current bone broth craze.

Fans claim supplements improve:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Joints

Debra Jaliman says research finds supplements can help your skin.“What the studies found is if you take ingestible collagen after 12 weeks they found that the moisture content of your skin would be better, fine lines would be improved, the texture of the skin would be better.” Research also finds collagen can help achy joints. However, Dr. Jaliman says taking too much could lead to constipation or bone pain.

So, it’s important to follow proper dosing.

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