5 Easter Candies to Keep Out of Your Basket

While no one eats Easter candy for its health benefits, these take top honor for being particularly unwholesome.

1. Large milk chocolate bunny

 These oversized chocolate rabbits contain 7+ oz of chocolate. Setting you back 1,000 calories and almost 2 days worth of unhealthy fat.

 2. Peeps

 Though low in fat, each marshmallow chick contains ½ tbsp of sugar. Mostly from refined sugar and corn syrup.

 3. Jelly beans

 Each bean contains about ½ tsp of sugar, 15 of them exceeds the recommended daily limit. Even worse… research shows these candies may trigger you to eat more.

4. Cookies and cream rabbit

This bunny is low in cocoa and consists mostly of sugar and tropical oils, which may raise unhealthy LDL cholesterol. One rabbit can range 1-6 oz, or roughly 200 to 850 calories.

5. Mini robin eggs

 The first three ingredients are all various forms of sugar and the fourth is palm oil, which research suggests could trigger inflammation.

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About the author

Emily Gelsomin

Emily is a registered dietitian with experience providing medical nutrition therapy as a senior clinical nutritionist on an outpatient basis. She also teaches wellness to hospital employees and has knowledge of foodservice management and recipe writing. She has a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy, helping to blend her view of the science and art of eating into a holistic vantage.