Ice Cream to Match Your Mood

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream, which is kind of the same thing… Isn’t it?

While we all have our go-to flavors, did you know that certain ice cream flavors may actually match your mood? In honor of National Ice Cream Day, we’ve got the scoop.

According to a new survey the number #1 flavor that makes people happy: Chocolate

Elements of cocoa have been clinically proven to increase positive feelings…. and it’s thought chocolate may remind people of childhood.

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If you need to chill-ax: Mint. Peppermint is a known de-stressor. Ahh, one scoop of relaxation please.

Go ahead and mounge on the maple walnut if your fuse is a tad bit short. The nuts contain zinc, which research shows may reduce anger in women.

Now, if you’ve got big plans for tonight and love is on your mind, black raspberry is your partner. The berries are constantly on the list of foods to put you in the mood.

But if your mood is set to party, and you have something to celebrate. Go for confetti or cake batter, obviously. They’re both parties in a cone!

No matter your mood or which flavors your choose, let’s face it… Ice cream always makes everything better.

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