Local Gardens Keep Blooming

Forget “going green”… it’s time to go “local”. The latest blossoming trend is locally grown flowers. Local can mean grown here in the usa, in your own state or region.

But… Harrison “Red” Kennicott, from the Society of American Florists says: “There’s a limit to what’s available to local grown flowers. There are no where near enough flowers grown in the USA to satisfy the demand.”

In fact, 70 % of flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from countries, often, with warmer climates. Other sprouting trends are eco-friendly packaging & flowers with biodegradable vases. Mr Kennicott says, “there are certifications that most growers adhere to and it involves trying to minimize the use of chemicals. It involves being very responsible and being a good employer and taking care of your people.”

Now that has us blooming with joy!

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