Chopped! How to Slice and Dice an Onion Like a Pro

So, the easiest way to chop an onion is basically take out the roots, or what keeps the onion together.

Using a sharp knife is key because we always ask ourselves, “How do I chop an onion and not cry,” right? The only way to do it is having a sharp knife and then keeping your onions in the fridge. So, all we’re gonna do is cut it in half, and that’s gonna make the peeling much easier.

All we do is we take the tip of the knife, and we just take the peel, and like magic it comes out in one or two pieces in this case, just like that. So we have half an onion.

We’re going to repeat the process with the other half. So we look for the peel and it’s a super simple way to do it. The kitchen shouldn’t be a hard place to work at. So we peel it like that, and now I’m going to show you two ways to chop the onion.

First of all, we’re going to look for a julienne cut, which is something we use for sautés, for salads. And all we do is just get the knife at an angle and we just let the knife do the job. Just like that.

And, as we start getting to the top part of the onion, we start adjusting the angle just like that, right? So, I’m gonna repeat the process. Once we get to the half onion, all we do is we change the position, and we do that again.

And then, the more you do it, the faster you are gonna be able to do it at home. That’s one cut we can use for salads, as I said, for sauté and the other thing is finding a small dice out of your onion.

And the way to do it is just, we’re going to put the onion down, just like that, and make cuts like that across the onion. And then  twist it, and we’re just going to let the knife do most of the job. We don’t even have to apply any pressure whatsoever, the knife does everything for us.

And once we get to the other side of the onion, we twist it again, and we just chop. And that’s how you can have perfectly chopped onions. And there you have it!