Bikini Season is Here!! Natural Ways to Slim Down Stat

If you’re looking to trim your waistline before bathing suit season–the solutions might be right in front of your nose. Here are five natural ways to slim down before the skin baring months.

1. Start the day off with a healthy breakfast. Research shows that eating a healthy breakfast regularly helps you shed excess weight and even maintain weight loss by reducing your hunger throughout the day, and fueling your body for exercise.

2. Stick with real foods. Weight loss researchers say the types of food we eat impact our ability to control weight. Foods including whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables satisfy our body longer. In contrast processed foods tend to digest faster making us more vulnerable to reach for the next snack.

3. Ditch the soda. Scientists reviewed nearly 100 studies and found that sugary drinks, including soda, prompt people to consume more calories and increases the risk for Type-2 diabetes.

4. Avoid stress. Cortisol is a hormone released in the body when we’re under stress. When this hormone is activated too often… you are more apt to overeat and make unhealthy choices in the process.

5. Finally get a good night’s sleep. There are number of ways lack of sleep can impact your weight. Not getting enough sleep can sap you of the energy required for regular exercise. Also– there are more opportunities to eat if you’re up longer. So get your zzz’s.