6 Ingenious Ways to Use Baking Soda

I don’t know about you but I am getting sick and tired of hearing about the negative side effects of cleaning and hygiene products when all I’m trying to do is be sanitary. There’s got to be a way where I can keep myself and my home clean and fresh without resorting to damaging the environment or myself. Well, here comes baking soda to the rescue!

Check out all the creative ways you can incorporate baking soda into your beauty and cleaning routines.

1. Toothpaste.

Don’t buy those expensive and frankly uncomfortable white strips that promise to whiten your teeth in just a few weeks. Turns out we should go back to what our grandmothers taught us. My grandmother still uses baking soda as toothpaste but you do want to be careful about using it everyday. Some people say it is too abrasive for that but you can always make your own at home.

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2. Relieve skin irritation such as itchy skin.

Throw a cup of baking soda into a hot bath and let your troubles, stresses and uncomfortableness melt away. Bonus, it will also soften your skin in addition to soothing. If you’re in the mood for some foot pampering, mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a small tub and voila. For insect bites, you can make a simple paste of water and baking soda then apply to bites.

3. Clean everything.

I’ve used baking soda to clean my microwave, carpets, toilet, refrigerator and oven in a snap. And then when you’re done with all that cleaning, you can use baking soda to clean your hands. It can even get rid of strong odors like garlic or onion. The possibilities are endless.

4. Keep flowers fresher longer.

Flowers have a very special place in history, even if they often get overlooked. Violets were worn by Josephine when she married Napoleon, tulips were considered by all of Europe to be the sign of the Ottoman Empire and roses nowadays are a symbol of love and affection, given mostly on Valentine’s Day. So next time you have a vase of flowers hanging around, throw in a teaspoon of baking soda and those beautiful colors will stay fresh and alive much longer.

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5. Keep ant outs.

As a South Florida resident, keeping ants and insects in general out of the house can be a nightmare. Last summer, we had an infestation of flying ants and if you’ve never seen them, I assure you they are as terrifying as they sound. Mix equal part baking soda and salt then sprinkle it wherever the ants are coming in. This avoids those harmful insect killing sprays while still leaving your home insect-free.

6. Help your hair.

I have some friends that swear using vinegar for their hair is a heaven sent but baking soda is another shower addition you should consider. Simply add a little amount into your palm with your usual shampoo then do as you usually would. The baking soda will help remove residue that a lot of styling products leave behind. This way your hair will come out cleaner and more luscious.

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