10 Healthy Dad Day Gifts You’ll Really Want

Hey, dads. You know they’re thinking of you. Your kids. Maybe, with a little help from their mom, they’ll get it together to get you something for Father’s Day. It’s happening: June 16. It’d be too bad if they get you some cologne you don’t favor or a store-bought card.

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Why not drop a hint that you’d like something good for you this year? Here are 11  heart-healthy Father’s Day gifts they can get you. Some are physical, some digital. Happy almost Father’s Day!

1. 1,000 Exercises

Consider adding a little fitness to your gadgets. With this many exercise ideas, you’ll be tempted to try at least one!
Rodale    $5.99                                                                         iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

2. Muscle Trigger Points

If your dad experiences any pain in the body, this app is for him. Muscle Trigger Points by Real Bodywork, is an educational and healing application which will help him to understand the source of his pain and how to relieve it.
Real Bodywork    $2.99                                            iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android

3. Run 5K

If you haven’t moved around in a while, but know you can, this is the perfect gift. You’ll get stretches and interval training sessions designed to slowly and safely lift you off of your favorite chair—and out into the world of running.
Felt Tip  $2.99                                                                             iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

4. Dad’s Own Cookbook by Bob Sloan

Get empowered with the basic skills of knife-handling, and you’ll cut right into the 150 recipes. Drop a hint that if they get this for you, you’ll cook for them.
Workman Publishing   $9.96

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5. Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite

Prepare to see some changes. Ramsay’s upbeat enthusiasm and passion for a fit and healthy life inspires any man to get on board.
Sterling Epicure   $13.38

6. Jamie’s Dinners

This is the essential family meals cookbook by Jamie Oliver. Feel like the man of the house. Oliver provides easy yet healthy recipes will make dinnertime a lot more enjoyable and interactive for the whole family.
Penguin Books    $25.29

7. Nike Fuelband

Not only will your dad feel like a million bucks when he slaps this high-tech gadget on his wrist, but he will surely reap the benefits. Nike FuelBand will track calories, and steps taken.
Nike  $149

8. Under Armour T Shirt

Every dad wants one of these. It’s just a practical Under Armour t-shirt, but it feels a lot better to workout in than an old white tee. This style isn’t too tight-fitting either, so it’s okay if you’re not starting out your workout routine with a six-pack.
Under Armour $22.99

9. 3-piece BBQ Tools Set with Golf Bag Holder

This is a fun gift if you like to golf, or grill, or both. A few grill-master tools kept in a mini golf bag makes this a smile-guaranteed gift. Just pretend you didn’t know about it.
Brookstone   $39.99

10. Aria WI-FI Smart Scale 

This is the scale which will keep totally fit and quantified. It tracks weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index. Every time the scale is stepped on, it identifies the individual standing upon it, and then data is sent to the tracking system on the computer which converts the numbers into easy-to-read graphs.
FitBit     $129.95

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