6 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure in Kids

The Long Run When it comes to lowering your child’s blood pressure, short-term goals are not the point. You don’t only want your children to have normal blood pressure as kids; you want to teach them healthy habits that will last a lifetime so they never have high blood pressure again. “Kids who have high blood pressure are much more likely to have high blood pressure as adults – and heart disease and diabetes, too,” says Elizabeth A. Jackson, M.D., assistant professor of medicine, division of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems. “Think of healthy habits in childhood as an investment in your child’s future. Being a healthy weight, and having normal blood sugar and blood pressure as children means your kids will probably have fewer risk factors for heart disease as adults and will be more likely to have long, healthy lives.” Here, six ways to lower your kids’ blood pressure and improve their overall health now and in the future.

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