Beauty Products That Save You Time

Ladies, who has time to apply a full face of makeup in the morning?! “I think we’re all kind of in that same boat where you’re trying to maximize the time that you do have” says Carolyn Fox, a consumer of beauty products. Research shows consumers are now spending more of their day exercising, working, and commuting with less time for their beauty regimens.

So what is a girl to do? Thankfully there are more options on the market for time crunched consumers who want to get out the door quickly. “Beauty and personal care products that make sort of a time saving or a speedy claim have grown significantly over the last 5 or 6 years. So in 2008 maybe about 3% of all new product launches were making those types of claims, now it’s over 40%” says Sarah Jindal, Mintel Senior Innovations Insight Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care.

But are these “time-saving” products effective? Experts say in many cases, the answer is yes, thanks to today’s technology that allows for quicker absorption into the skin…. faster hair styling… or even a speedier shave. “Razors are being developed that have a much more sophisticated technology and are able to actually cut the hairs at a much faster rate, and ideally with less strokes, so less passes on the skin.” says Dr. Whitney Bowe, MD Board Certified Dermatologist.

Dr. Bowe points out that the more ingredients in a product, the more likely someone is to run the risk of developing an irritation or even an allergic reaction, so consult your dermatologist before using a new product. if you do find a product that is right for you and saves you some time, you might be able to press that snooze button a few more times!