Eliminate Wrinkles with the Touch of a Finger

Stop searching for the fountain of youth! The secret to younger-looking skin might be at your fingertips. Well according to some proponents… face fitness tones your under-eye area, lifts your forehead, and softens facial lines… all without botox or other injections!

Jane Goldberg is a licensed psychologist and the owner of a spa and wellness center that offers facial fitness. She says it’s important to tone your total body- “your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is an ideal organ actually for the absorption of nutrients, as well as the release of toxins.”

Face toning exercises can range from specialized massages you can do at home, to spa procedures involving gadgets designed to manipulate the face… like this machine called the “thumper”! But we have to ask, are these exercises really effective?  there’s no scientific data proving that these exercises work, but I don’t see anything wrong with doing them, as long as you’re using the right muscles.

If you, obviously, frown as part of your exercise that may create wrinkles you don’t want. And remember, do your research before choosing a spa. it’s important to know if your technician has been properly trained and is certified.