The Secret To Applying False Eyelashes

“As a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist, women often ask me what my #1 go to beauty tip is for looking your best, day or night. Believe it or not it’s something you can pick up at the drugstore for less than 10 dollars and requires mere minutes of your time. So what’s this magical beauty must?”

False eyelashes! Seriously, I’d never leave home with out them or I’d feel naked! But a lot of women tell me, Rita, I’ve tried applying lashes myself and I just couldn’t do it with out making them look like a caterpillar gone wild! Fear not, ladies, with these three insider tips, you’ll be sporting sexy

First of all, self-adhesive lashes are the key. No sticky messy glue or hanging around waiting for lashes to dry. Self-adhesive lashes come with a strip of glue already applied. It’s instant beautification!

Most women really don’t need a full row of eyelashes. Not only can this look overdone, but too many lashes can actually make you eyes look smaller. So my trick is to cut the strip of lashes in half and instead of starting from the inner corner of the eye, you begin to where your pupil starts and go outward. But first, you need to apply 2 coats of your favorite mascara and let that dry.”

Then, using your clean fingers or a tweezer, take the shortened lashes and apply them from the center of the eye out. When both eyes are done, add one more coat of mascara to all of your lashes and voila! Big sexy eyes!


About the author

Rita Ragone

One of the most illustrious makeup artists, hairstylists and Beauty Experts in the industry today, Rita Ragone has designed looks for the world's most prominent movie and television stars, dignitaries, athletes and houses of fashion. Her vast client roster includes such luminaries as President Bill Clinton, Sharon Stone, Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie, Roma Downey, Jon Bon Jovi, Julia Roberts, Sylvester Stallone, the NY Yankees, NY Mets, the NFL and the NBA.

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