Couple Delivers Baby With Help From Text Messaging Doctor

Imagine you’re pregnant and live hours away from the nearest hospital. Suddenly, you start having painful early contractions. You don’t have hours. The baby must be delivered now. What do you do?

Sounds like something out of movie, right? Well, maybe not. For Louisiana resident Andrea Johnson and her husband James, this was no Hollywood scenario. Andrea, who lives three hours away from the nearest hospital, started experiencing early contractions and was forced to undergo the stressful process of giving birth in her car at home with only her husband for assistance.
To guide them, the couple used the First Opinion App. It’s one of several services, including American Well, Doctor on Demand and MeMD , that put you in touch with a doctor via smartphone or computer within minutes.

So, Andrea and James fired up the app and started texting directly with a doctor, who guided the couple through the most important mission of their lives. With only the text instructions, James delivered a beautiful baby boy.

Whether you have given birth before or not, I’m sure the thought of delivering your own baby via text messaging medical care has rarely, OK– NEVER, crossed your mind.  Doctors and nurses go to school for years to become thoroughly educated on how to perform the process of bringing life into this world; yet, this couple did it with simple text message instructions. Pretty cool.

What would you do this in this situation? Have you ever thought of turning to technology in a medical emergency? Are you worried about any risks? Let us know!

Oh, our best to Baby Johnson and his whole tech-savvy clan.

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