Feng Shui Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

What better gifts to give a baby than fortune, luck, and comfort? Whether away in a manger or lying in a bassinet by a bed, babies benefit from gifts in the tradition of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of arranging your environment.

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So here are some Feng Shui baby gift suggestions, whether you are buying a gift on behalf of a new mom (or dad) or have recently welcomed a new bundle of joy into your own home. These quick and easy yet effective suggestions from the magical world of this philosophy will bring a baby or toddler health, happiness and prosperity —   the three great blessings of Feng Shui.

A Red Shirt

This ages-old tradition says that gifting a wee one with a red shirt (or onesie) during the first year of life will subtly strengthen the baby’s developing immune system while helping to acclimate his or her energies from womb to room.

Ancient custom holds that this shirt need never be worn, but, rather, could simply be placed in the Feng Shui “children’s area” of the home or put into that same space in the nursery. To locate this arena, separate the main floor of the house or even one single room into a tic-tac-toe board and find the “children’s area” located in the middle or the center of the right-hand wall. This exercise and that item are believed to bring baby big fortunes and lots of luck, and, most importantly, create and support a playful and joy-filled atmosphere.

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A Hanging Crystal

Now, while you’re hanging a stocking by the chimney with care you could continue the theme and hang a small clear quartz crystal in the baby’s nursery window as well. If a family member or friend has a new baby, a single crystal for hanging is a lovely gift.

Feng Shui holds that hanging a clear crystal in the window of any child’s room will invite and attract positive and peaceful energies, as well as happiness and health. This kiddie “crystal cure” is also believed to attract kindness, warmth, stability and serenity to their sleeping space.

A White Round Candle

Of course, during this Season of Light you will want to access the positive energies of using fire from another source. According to this philosophy, burning a white and rounded candle on any of the first seven days of baby’s life — or on any birthday and for the first six days that follow that yearly celebration — will help to ward off accident, injury, illness and disease. This wisdom of the ages maintains that the fire from this light will burn away negative energies and that protection from all of the aforementioned will prevail.

For Toddlers on Up: Ceiling Mobiles

Toddlers and small children always do well to have something hanging from their ceiling like a mobile, although this should never be hung directly over their heads. When hung from a space that is high up it will draw their eyes up as well, and, according to Feng Shui, where the eyes go so does one’s energy. Therefore, gifting small children with hanging mobiles not only gives them something of interest to focus on but will raise their spirits — and mood too. 

That’s the gist. Kids love mobiles and so does Feng Shui!

I can’t think of anything else that I’d love my own son to enjoy than health, happiness, prosperity and love. These Feng Shui gifts promise all of that and more. And, well, that’s a happy holiday!

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