Flavors and Fizz: Fancy Water Worries


When it comes to water, we’ve come a long way from, “Do you prefer bottled or tap?”
These days, it’s all about flavors and fizz…


When it comes to plain ol’ H2O many of us, especially kids, are just plain bored, mainly because of the lack of taste. So, we add liquid or powder flavor enhancers… or pick up water with a carbonated kick.

While the drinks may be delicious, be aware….

Dr. Joseph Pinzone says we risk forming habits that impact our brain and how we crave things. According to Dr. Pinzone, “We’re absolutely fooling our taste buds into craving and almost requiring, in some cases, a flavoring or a particular sensation when it comes to carbonation.”

The key is moderation

Some flavored water is loaded with sugar. We found a flavored water containing 32 grams per 20 ounces. Artificial sweeteners in zero-calorie options are also popular, but the American Beverage Association  says more natural enhancers may be on the horizon. As stated by the American Beverage Association, “You’ve got food technologists looking at different ways to put sweeteners together. Some new ones with the old ones.” Dr. Pinzone says… as with most things… the key is moderation and we should not skip regular water all together.

If you do want to add a little zest, but want to skip the manufactured enhancers, try squeezing a little fresh fruit into regular water.
Live smart. Be healthy. Know More.