3 Gadgets For Making Camping A Breeze

Camping made easy!

Check out these 3 gadgets that help you make the best of your time in the outdoors!

1. Go Sun Solar Powered Grill

Forget charcoal! This portable solar grill can bake, boil and fry a meal for up to 8 outdoor adventurers. Heating up to 550°f in a speedy 10 to 20 minutes, simply load the cylinder and take in your surroundings till your food cooks.

2. Quickpot Propane Coffeemaker

This brewer lets you have your morning coffee even in extreme weather and altitude conditions. A 10-cup carafe brews in 18 minutes and keeps your coffee warm, no matter how cold it is out there.

3. Lifestraw Go

You can have access to cleaner drinking water no matter where you are! This portable bottle filters out disease-causing bacteria and parasites from rivers, streams and puddle water.

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