5 Kitchen Gadgets For A Fun And Easy Breakfast

Want to make your morning routine faster?  These unique breakfast gadgets will help start your day off right.

1. A 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Who says you can’t have you coffee, bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast all prepared in one device? Not the guys behind this contraption by Nostalgia Electrics.

2. The Obol Cereal Bowl

Soggy cereal is not a problem anymore thanks to this bowl. It separates your cereal from your milk till you’re ready for your next spooning.

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3. Gourmia Yogurt Maker

Enjoy whatever yogurt you desire in 3 simple steps

  • add boiled milk
  • throw fruit in
  • press start

4. Zoku Ice Coffee Maker

Ain’t nobody got time to wait for burning hot coffee to cool. Freeze the inner core of this cup, add your steamy beverage, and voila, ice, ice baby!

5. Egggenie

A genie that grants (and cooks) up to 7 boiled or poached eggs at one time. BONUS: it turns off automatically to prevent overcooking.

The future of breakfast is here!

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