4 Food Tech Predictions We’re Still Waiting For

Movies and television shows have made a lot of predictions about what our future will look like, including some insanely cool food gadgets that wow us.

Here are some food tech predictions that we wish were a reality:

1. Pill meals

While certain supplements nourish the body with nutrients it lacks, we’re still nowhere near replacing lunch or dinner with pills. Served up by a house-bot like George Jetson enjoyed.

2. Pizza hydrator

Our fingers are crossed for the day a kitchen gadget can turn a dehydrated 4-inch pie into a 15-inch pizza. When Marty Mcfly traveled to a then-distant future (2015), the Black & Decker hydrator could make a pizza in 12 seconds.

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3. Senzu beans

In order to defend earth from intergalactic forces, Goku and his gang resort on magical beans. That have the power to fight off deadly injuries and heal the body in seconds. If only they were real…

4. Bowl of snot

What’s exactly in this porridge from The Matrix remains a mystery. All we know is that in the future it’s “everything the body needs.” As for today, there are protein superfood smoothies!

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