3 Futuristic Kitchens To Be The Perfect Cook

Kitchens are now being designed for more convenient and advanced experiences.

Here are the top 3 kitchens that are changing the way you cook.

1. Ikea’s Concept Kitchen 2025

Its dining room table does it all, from telling you what flavors to pair to even how you properly chop certain ingredients on its hi-tech cutting board. Thanks to a camera mounted above the table that can take photos and project recipes onto it.

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2. Whirlpool’s Interactive Kitchen

Its smart cooking drawer automatically knows how long to cook a food and at what temperature based on the recipe or item you select on its interactive backsplash.

3. Miele’s Invisible Kitchen

This kitchen has your back! If you’re boiling water threatens to spill over or a pot begins to overheat on the hob, the kitchen will swoop in and prevent a disaster. It’s your own personal virtual assistant made with technology from various blue-sky development projects.

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