3 Gifts for Your Health Fanatic Friends

Don’t know what to buy for your health fanatic friend?

Lucky for you, we have the perfect gifts in mind!

1. Umoro One

This is not your average protein bottle. It has a leak-proof compartment to store your protein powder. When you’re ready to mix it, just push a button and the powder drops into the water

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2. Gyenno Cup

This smart cup helps you monitor your drinking plan for healthy living. You can create daily hydration goals and set it to vibrate when it’s time for more water.

*Bonus: the screen displays the time, date weather and current temperature of your drink.

3. HAPIfork

This electronic fork tracks your eating habits and alerts you when you are eating too fast. The HAPIfork also records how long it takes you to finish your meal, how many bites you take per meal, and the time interval between each bite.

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