3 High Tech Home Gardens

Embrace your inner green thumb and grow your own veggies with these simple home gardens!

1. The Smart Herb Garden

Grow your fresh herbs with little to no effort! Simply plug it in, fill it up and watch your garden grow. Its smart soil and built-in sensors make sure your plants get the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients. Best part? There are no pesticides, plant hormones or any other harmful substances.

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2. Omega Garden

Is “safe” food your priority? The omega garden lets you grow your fruits, veggies, herbs, lettuces and flowers 24/7, 365 days a year. Free of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs thanks to its cylindrical growing system made for city dwellers.

3. Aerogarden

This soil-free indoor garden can grow plants 5 times faster than soil with its high performance, energy efficient LED lights.

*Bonus: Its LCD display guides you through the growing season with tips like when you should water your plants.

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