Smarten Up Your Kitchen With The FridgeCam

The smartest refrigerator camera you’ve ever seen!

Ever wish your refrigerator could tell you when food is about to expire, or when it’s time to shop for groceries? Say hello to Smarter’s Fridgecam, a wireless refrigerator camera and app with the IQ of a human… or so they say!

It lets you see what’s in your refrigerator anytime, anywhere. Like when you’re at the grocery store and unsure if you need eggs. It sets calendar notifications and alerts for expiration dates to help you reduce food waste. Online grocery shopper? Re-stock the fridge via your favored grocer at the press of a button. The best part? Never forget to stop for lemons or milk again. Through geo-location, Fridgecam knows and reminds you when you’re near the market.

Is there anything Fridgecam can’t do?

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