Smart Scales To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Losing and keeping weight off is hard enough.

Let these high-tech scales do the tracking for you:

1. Withings Body Cardio

 This heavy-duty machine chronicles the last 8 weigh ins so you can track your progress. It checks your heart rate and cardiovascular health using doctor-approved pulse wave velocity without actually going to the doctor.

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 2. Qardiobase Smart Scale

With its good looks and intelligence, this futuristic scale records your body measurements from every angle. Keeping an eye on your body mass index (BMI), body fat, muscle mass, and water bone composition over time.

3. Polar Balance Connected Smart Scale

 This super smart scale might as well be your workout partner. Put your target weight in the polar flow app and it automatically syncs with any of polar’s fitness trackers. Setting daily activity goals and giving you advice every time you step on the scale.

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