Isn’t It Time to Stop the ‘Fat Talk’?


At one time or another, we’ve all felt bad about the way we look. Maybe it was the last time you were forced to go swimsuit shopping, or perhaps it was when you realized your favorite holiday party dress was a little tight. From photo-shopped magazine covers to ads for weight loss pills, societal pressure to look a certain way is everywhere. But the pressure to “be skinny” doesn’t just come from outside sources… it comes from within as well.

According to Psychology of Women Quarterly, 93 percent of women engage in something known as “fat talk.” (Just wait until you watch the video below!) Fat talk is the tendency to make negative comments about our bodies. For example:

  • “I can’t stop eating. I’m such a pig.”
  • “I hate my stomach.”
  • “I just wish I was skinnier.”

Dr. Robyn Silverman, a body image expert, says fat talk can be damaging. “Even if women do it to ‘bond’ with one another, eventually, their engagement in the behavior can become a habit,” says Silverman. “Their ears hear them talk negatively about their bodies and they can begin to believe their negative statements.”

Silverman also says that fat talk is contagious. One woman starts with, “I’m so fat” and her friend is expected to respond with, “Oh no, you’re not fat, I’m the fat one! Have you seen my thighs?” Fat talk is not only ruining our own self-esteem, but the self-worth of our friends, sisters and daughters as well.

“Every time we get together, our conversation inevitably goes to our weight, or our body size,” explains Dr. Silverman. “We’re better than that. Let’s make a commitment to stop the fat talk.”

Breakfast cereal company Special K is hoping to stop the fat talk with their latest marketing campaign, which features a real-life look at fat talk and just how dangerous it can be. Watch the video below to see the damaging things women would never dream of saying about anyone else… but consistently say about themselves. Also, watch their reactions when the reality of their own behavior is shown to them front and center!




If you are in favor of this campaign, please share this with your friends. Isn’t it time we put an end to fat talk?