3 Enemies of Sexual Pleasure

Let’s talk about SEX! There could be some nights where you’re tired or just not in the mood, but what if these random nights turn into longer periods of NO SEX?!

If that seems to be the case with you and your partner, here are 5 enemies of libido and how you can conquer them…so next you’ll be making all the RIGHT MOVES!

  • Stress: I get it! Work can be tough and cause some stress in your life. But did you know that stress actually inhibits your natural sexual response cycle. Cut that stress out of your life by either meditating or sweating it out through exercise with your partner! You’ll get back from the gym ready for a bedroom workout.
  • Same partner, same position: This mainly affects people who have been in long-term relationships. It’s not a bad thing, but you can actually fall into a bedroom routine and not even realize it. Spice it up a bit by roleplaying a little.
  • Take a look at your Lifestyle habits: That one glass of wine can definitely get you in the mood, but too much of it will actually kill your sex drive. Same goes with smoking! Smoking slows down blood flow, which in turn slows down your arousal. Take it easy with the booze if you’re trying to get intimate, and maybe you should consider quitting smoking all together.

Communication in the bedroom is key, so talk to your partner if you’re experiencing any of these factors. Also, there could be physical factors that need to be treated by your doctor so make your appointment and don’t be ashamed! It’s time to get your sex life back on track