3 Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Relationships: It’s all about fairy tales and happy endings, most of the time. But what happens if you don’t make up after an argument about who forgot to do the dishes? If you’re wondering if your relationship is in trouble, it probably is. Here are a few signs that you’re not in that fairy tale relationship.

You avoid phonecalls. You send them straight to voicemail! If you cringe when you see your partner’s name pop up on the caller ID that’s obviously not a good sign!

Do you ever have a lapse of memory and forget you’re even in a relationship? If you do, that’s warning flag number two! When you’re in a good relationship, you make decisions with your partner in mind, and what will make you both happy. When you’re not as committed, it becomes only about you, and no one else! You almost forget that you’re in a relationship and we all know that never ends well, especially on a night out.

Do you know what the opposite of love is? Its indifference. If you’re indifferent you don’t generally care whether or not you see your partner or you’re too tired or disinterested to work on things. You might want to consider a breakup.

Yes, relationships take work, lots of it actually!  But the work isn’t trying to figure out if you should be with someone…its knowing you’re in it and that you want to be there to make it work and be your own fairytale.