5 Foods That Mess With Your Sex Drive

Don’t let a simple snack throw off your bedroom mojo.

Avoid these 5 foods that spell “trouble” in the sack:

1. Tofu

A diet rich in soy has been shown to lower testosterone and bring down a man’s sex drive.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Fake sweeteners like aspartame have been linked to depression, a major bedroom buzzkill.

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3. Weed brownies?

This one’s a little controversial, but some studies show marijuana can lower hormones that control your sex drive.

4. Cheese

Bummer! We love cheese. But synthetic hormones in dairy products can decrease estrogen and testosterone.

5. Shrimp

Don’t order the bang bang shrimp since it may come from contaminated water. Some industrial chemicals found in shrimp can mimic natural hormones and may damage women’s sex drive.

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