5 Guys Every Woman Should Sleep with Before She Finds Mr. Right

Prince Charming is the ultimate goal, but we go through so many frogs to find him. Some frogs are definitely worth the wait. Here are the 5 types of men you should hook up with before finding ‘The One.’

1. The jock:

  • Think hooking up on the football field
  • His appeal is in his physical appearance and not much more
  • Get ready to sack ‘em and walk away

2. The rich guy:

  • Think doing it in 1,000 thread-count sheets
  • His appeal is in sipping champagne at private clubs
  • Get ready to join the mile high club in a private jet and leave him after landing

3. The hipster:

  • Think romantic rides on the back of his bike
  • His appeal is in the poetry he writes you on his vintage typewriter
  • Get ready to share skinny jeans and shag on the floor

4. The Latin lover:

  • Think dirty dancing to salsa all the time
  • His appeal is his accent and dark hair
  • Get ready to be his sole passion until the next girl walks by

5. The nerd

  • Think rimmed glasses, bow tie and a big #$%*
  • His appeal is his high IQ
  • Get ready to swing from the chandeliers listening to the Star Wars soundtrack