Are you a crybaby? What type of crier are you?

Whether you shed a tear once a week or twice a year, crying is part of our human nature. Our tears reveal more than just emotions. Here is what your tears reveal about you.

Angry Crier: You don’t just get upset, you get mad & scream into your pillow for a few hours with tears of rage.

Reluctant Crier: You are a tough b@#ch! You refuse to shed a tear and ruin your makeup.

Frustrated Crier: You can’t open the package of your new mascara, so you do what any normal person would do… CRY.

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Dramatic Crier: You shed those tears on command & get exactly what you want from BAE.

Happy Crier: Weddings, puppies, butterflies and commercials… they NEVER fail to make you cry.

Period Crier: Your monthly frenemy is in town, so grab the tissues and brace yourself for some random tears.

Drunk Crier: When the drinks start flowing, so do your tears. It doesn’t matter if you are happy or sad.

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