Are You Having a Techno Affair?

Facebook and Instagram have connected millions of people around the world… but according to one study, they have also torn millions of relationships apart. If you’re in a relationship and catch yourself having a wandering eye on those social media sites, then it might be time to sign-out of that commitment. Here are 3 signs you’re having a techno affair. Don’t worry we’re not judging!

1. You tell your virtual crush more than your partner. Do you confide to the guy behind your computer screen and tell him intimate details about yourself or your relationship that you wouldn’t share with your significant other? Well here’s an important notification: this is the first sign of betrayal.

2. You’re hiding those direct messages.  If you’re usually relaxed about keeping open windows on your computer, but now jump to close everything when your partner is nearby, something’s up and you need to ask yourself, why? Is there a Facebook message you wouldn’t want your SO to see?

3. You’re constantly checking your phone and waiting for only his messages. No, not your partners message but your NEW found buddy online. If nobody else’s messages mean as much as this other person’s, you’re crossing the line. I get it, the attention may be flattering; but if you find you’d rather be typing to this guy than spending time with yours…. well it’s time you checked in with your true feelings, and figure out who you actually want to stay connected too.