How to Deal with a Difficult Roommate

Let’s face it, living alone can be, well, lonely. And who hasn’t thought moving in with a friend or a friend of a friend is a good idea? I mean, you’ll always have a companion and you can split costs. A win- win.

But, what happens when that roommate becomes a nightmare?

If you have already signed that lease and it’s too late to back out- Here are a few types of roommates you might encounter and how you can deal with them.

First up, the party girl.

You know, the one that has a buzz at noon and comes home at 3am only to get sick ALL OVER the bathroom you share. As much as she cleans up, there is still the smell of vomit and small traces of evidence splattered around. So how do you deal with her? Tell her this isn’t cool and the partying needs to be reserved for weekends or she needs to show some restraint. Remind her that no guy wants to date a hot mess anyways.

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Next up, the chatterbox.

This chick is ALWAYS talking. Nowadays when a text says a million words, you wish she was like Twitter and would only speak in 140 characters or less. At all hours she’s on the phone with her mom, her aunt, her long lost friend, you name it. Tell her you want to implement “quiet hours” where there is complete silence in the house, so you both can have some down time after work. Save the chitchat for happy hour.

Last is the dirty girl- literally.

She has no idea what a mop looks like, and you have never seen her do laundry. No, there isn’t a 24/7 cleaning service that comes in the middle of the night and does her dirty dishes, she just doesn’t care that you are left shafted with doing her dirty work. The best way to handle this type of roomie… is confront her head on and remind her that she needs to put in work as well, if that doesn’t work, leave her dirty dishes and thrown shoes in front of her door.

While it’s perfectly normal to not see everything eye to eye, if you are respectful and set the ground rules early, you should have peace in your own abode. If not, there’s always your parents couch, right?

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