Forget Him! 7 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

If your heart has been stomped on recently, we’ve got the remedies! Here are 7 things that will make you feel good after a tough breakup and get you ready to get back in the game.

1. Buy new lingerie
Why? Feel sexy knowing someone else will see that lacy bra.

2. Light a few candles
Why? Erase his smell and release any bad ju-ju that might be lingering.

3. Take a bubble bath
Why? Taking a long bath will not only pamper you, but cleanse you of any salty tears — that and a glass (bottle) of wine.

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4. Go on a shopping spree
Why? Getting new clothes or makeup is fun. Get dolled up for yourself.

5. Go for a run
Why? Take off those love pounds. The best revenge is looking good and being happy!

6. Send a sext to your ex- high school boyfriend
Why? Some innocent flirting will get you back on the playing field and remind you how you’ve got it going on!

7. Drink rosé with your BFFs on a Sunday at noon
Why? Girl talk and silly laughter is just what the doctor ordered.

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