Foods to Avoid Before Sex

Here are 5 foods to avoid before jumping in the sack:

1. Carbs

Don’t overload on carbs! Bread expands in your stomach, making you look and feel bloated. Not ideal for getting intimate.

2. Fast food

Resist the urge for fried chicken and french fries. Greasy food will make you feel sluggish and gross, so steer clear.

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3. Beans

An obvious no-no before sex, but you can get the same un-sexy effect from broccoli.

4. Hot sauce

Go easy on the spice unless you have a stomach of steel. Turning up the heat might make you feel uncomfortable while you’re turning it up in bed.

5. Wine

Have your glass – or two – of wine, but don’t overdo it. Too much to drink before sex can make it difficult to achieve satisfaction.

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