Healthy and Sexy Foods To Eat Off Your Partner

3 Finger-licking foods to eat off your partner:

1. Almond butter

Apples! Rice cakes! Nipples? This creamy and nutty spread is good on just about anything, including your lover.

Pro tip: nuts are high in protein and vitamin E, an antioxidant that also produces vaginal lubrication.

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2. Raw honey

Is there anything better than a spoonful of nature’s ultimate sticky, syrupy treat? Maybe licking the sweet nectar, known for its many healing properties, off your better half’s skin while spooning.

3. Ice cream

Ice cream will not only tantalize your senses and heighten your sensitivity, you’ll have to act quickly so it doesn’t melt anywhere but in your mouth. Throw some whipped cream and fudge into the mix and you’ve got yourself one sexy sundae.

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