Foods That Symbolize Sex In Different Cultures

We all love the eggplant emoji, but using food to symbolize getting it on didn’t start with the iPhone generation.

1. Eggplant or….?

The cheeky ancient romans linked sex and erotica, with not-so-subtle images of fruits and vegetables.

2. Pomegranate party

This sensual fruit is associated with Aphrodite herself, the ancient greek goddess of love.

3. She’s my cherry pie

As far back as the 16th and 17th centuries, poets like Josuah Sylvester were likening cherries to, well, something more sexually female.

4. Peachy

The french word pêche, which means peach, is often used in reference to sex and different sexual positions. Oui, oiu!

5. Egg me on

In china, eggs are often associated with fertility. Especially around the new year celebrations.

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