Happy Hour Without Booze

The latest social gathering trend is flipping the switch on the traditional happy hour.

It’s the kind of adult fun that does NOT include alcohol & it’s becoming all the rage.

Britt Kapec, who enjoys alcohol-free evening says: “Tonight I’m looking forward to just being in a room with a number of other people in my age group who are looking for something other than just the typical night out on the town.”

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There are juice crawls, social retreats and more… All with the common theme to have fun minus the booze-fest. Instead other beverages like water and hot tea are served.

Katia Tallarico, an event co-organizer says “We believe this is a sign of healthier times ahead. People do want to connect in a more meaningful way.” Some come looking for love. Others just want to network.
They may be missing the thrill of a hopping bar vibe, but organizers say they blend food, music & inspiration into a concoction creating good times & memories to last a lifetime.

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